The History of PageMath


Clarence William Page

In the late Spring of the Year 2023, I saw trending on the Internet the following simple math problem:


I solved the problem and reported a result of "1". My wife and my sister (both retired schoolteachers) told me that my answer was incorrect. They said the answer is "16". I then decided to further examine the problem. That is how PageMath was born.

PageMath employs Comma-separated Expressions (CSE) to remove the ambiguity that is found in some math problems. Note: Please don't confuse "CSE" with "CSV" (an opertion that has a similar name).

PageMath communicates both intentionality and process. This clear communication helps clarify the "solution mission". It both tells what is intended and how to correctly reach the correct intented solution.

It is important to note that thousands of people around the world solved the problem and reported varied results. Thousands said the answer is "16'. Thousands of others said the answer is "1". It became clear (to me) that there was obvious ambiguity in the traditional mathematical processes. Many of the people employed the PEMDAS process. Even then, some disagreed on how the principles of the process should be applied.

I wanted a clear and simple way to clearly communicate both intentionality and process. PageMath is that method.

Clarence William Page
Creator of PageMath

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